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Does Armstrong like rhubarb pie? Maybe that's the shared interest between him and the other RAGBRAI riders.

Those barriers should be called something else. Zebras are crosswalks. Those look like armadillos.

Looking forward to the 1st street cycletrack. 2nd street NE is getting pretty chaotic.

Oh man, I love rhubarb pie. My grandmother grew up on a rhubarb farm and she made the best pie. Where does one get good rhubarb pie in DC? Or eggs-yellow golden rod.

Hole was covered back up at 5PM this evening - didn't look like there was anything keeping the metal plate fixed in place though, so be cautious.

The people that tried to bike through the connector right after the show were a bit stymied though, there was a sea of people on foot coming through there from (I presume) Gravelly Point. (I was walking the other way from Long Bridge Park to the Nat'l Airport Metro station)

We have rhubarb in our yard. Too far from DC, though.

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