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I just don't understand why Alta won't pay their employees what the are supposed to pay.
I am dismayed that there has not been more protest about it.
So is it that as biking becomes more "mainstream" that all that is wrong with the main stream comes into it?

Really, you cant figure out why ALTA wont pay. Quick back of the envelop math shows that CABI is a very expensive endeavor. The almost constant rebalancing of the system through trucks is energy intensive and expensive. The only way CABI is feasible is if they cut lots of corners.... or maybe its not so feasible after all. Didnt I see an article just the other day about ALTA CABI remarking on the expensive of constantly rebalancing and "how users can help." Ha ha ha ha.

Yes, Stan, life would be so much greater if all of those bike trips were replaced by more cars on the clogged roads.

Perhaps its time to seriously think about some alternative CaBi pricing models, where people who "reverse commute" pay nothing. You could offer this as a freebie to non-members. Put a sign next to the busiest destinations, with an offer that any CaBi charge will be waived if you ride it from that station to one of specific other stations. For existing members, it could be a days extra membership each time they do it.

Will this solve all problems: no. But it might alleviate some problems, and would get non CaBi members into being willing to try. If you lived in Dupont and worked in Van Ness, the free ride would be a win-win for everyone, with more biking instead of driving or using Metro.

you couldnt waive ANY CaBI charge, or some folks will use it as free all day bike rental, in exchange for moving it. That won't work. But offering to get the free 30 minutes without paying the daily charge could work pretty well. Or just giving inducements to members - I think Montreal does something like that.

And nice to see continued improvements in Alexandria.

Oh and the data in Pucher slide was dramatic. all but 3 of those cities now have higher bike mode share than ANY of them did at the earlier date. Even NYC - which today has the lowest share of that group - its current share would have put it in the middle of the pack at the earlier date.

@SJE: in Paris this spring when I used Velib they had some stations designated as Velib+ that gave you an extra 15 minutes if I recall. Given where the Velib+ stations were located (I used 2 simply because of where I was going / coming from) it was clearly to encourage rebalancing by use.

A Cyclist in the suburbs: My plan would be that you pay to take the bike out, and get a refund when you return it to a "reverse commute" dock. Simple.

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