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While its refreshign to hear the police talk about something other than helmets, I was surprised about the reflective clothing comment. Is Fairfax going to discourage the "Amsterdam" style bike culture? Do they want us all to be lycra clad lance armstrong wannabes? (yeah, I know about reflective tape, yadda yadda)

I wish they would have bi-directional bike traffic on 11th St near the bridge.

I don't have an issue with Farifax gathering data on facotrs that might play a role in accidents. It's all well and good to note that the onus of seeing other road users may be on the other vehicle, but we should want to know if there are patterns in cyclists not being seen, or the reverse. Cause is cause, and liability is liability. Not the same.

yes crickey, but that would be a lot more useful combined with some info on time/lighting conditions. My general sense is that relective clothing is a must towards dark, in poor visibility weather etc. But not so much in bright sunlight. We do want to encourage people to dress to be seen - but we also do not want to discourage people from casual riding - which will often be in whatever clothes they happend to be wearing.

They do collect time data. And would it not be worthwhile to know if your general sense is valid? At the least, a significant correlation might be useful information for safety advice purposes.


From the report: "In 2012, 106 cyclists were involved in crashes, up 25 percent from the year before. The number so far this year is 45."

If that 45 is January through June, then its on track for 90 in 2013, reversing the increase in 2012.

That would be good news. This illustrates why it's tricky comparing single years.

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