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A sports stadium with a permanent bike valet service built in would be visionary. A combo deal of season tickets and an annual CaBi membership? I'd be attending every DC United home game.

I really want this stadium, but I do hope the city can help, or at least make things easy, on CaBi.

I also hope they'll put some decent bike racks at this stadium. Locking my bike to a fence at RFK has never made me feel like they thought biking to the stadium was the thing to do.

Follow this story. The city doesn't even have space for its fleet of road maintenance vehicles (plows, etc.). Bike space is going to have to get in the back of the line.

How much warehouse space do they currently have and do they anticipate needing?

I wonder how feasible it would be to move the warehouse over to the Spingarn campus. With the incoming streetcar facility and training center, you could potentially turn that corner of town into a transportation innovation hub.

Given the distance of the proposed stadium from the nearest Metro stations, I suspect that you will see many DCU fans using bikes to get to and from the stadium. Either biking on their own to the game or taking Metro and then picking up a CaBi bike to cover the almost mile long route to the stadium. So I hope that Bikeshare can have lots of racks in the neighborhoods, or maybe operate a corral on gamedays.

Also, per Early Man, we already have a stadium in DC with a permanent bike valet service. It's called Nationals Park!

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