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what kind of a bike "advocate" in dc gives a shit about a bike path around the white house?...

What kind of bike advocate does nothing but belly-ache about other bike advocates, insulting them constantly and holding themselves out to be SO MUCH smarter than everyone else, when it is clear they're an idiot?

wait, will this provide a better north - south route connecting the 15th street cycle track to the 14th street bridge?

An E street route would better connect Foggy Bottom to the Penn Ave cycle track, so I can see where that would be useful to many.

Alternative 5 plus a bike path. Not sure why they lump bike and auto traffic together.

Well, if they opened it down to Constitution providing an alternative to the crazy traffic, vendors, and sidewalks between PA and Constitution on 15th, then I would be happy. But as it exists now, folks can go 2 blocks north then west without much problem.

I did laugh reading the NPS site: 'closed the section of E Street, NW within President's Park South to unauthorized vehicular traffic." They seem to believe temproary and indefinitely are one in the same.

delete this, try going around on Constitution on one of the days when the Pennsylvania Ave. cut through and the ellipse route are closed (happens quite often), then you'll see why it would be a benefit to have a path on E Street. It's not just an inconvenience, it's dangerous.

Not sure the viewing platform and bike path should be regarded as "not mutually exclusive" - separating picture-taking pedestrians from cyclists heading to/from work has some distinct advantages.

That said, there should be ways to shrink the viewing platform somewhat and provide a smaller detour off E street for a bike path.

My commute takes me around the Ellipse, which indeed is closed to everyone about 5-10% of the time. It is the ONLY safe crosstown route in the one mile stretch of downtown D.C. south of H/I; otherwise, it's Constitution or Independence, both of which are commuter sewers (and it's debatable whether H/I/K are as well). Because yes, a one-mile detour in the middle of the country's second-biggest CBD is no biggie.

The NPS website currently states that bicyclists are welcome on all roads and paths within Presidents' Park.

ah, I guess that's my point. You can have the viewing area and the trail, but not necessarily in the same space.

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