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Well written piece, Jim. Thanks for following up with the police about their statements to media about these types cases. Hopefully your outreach and contact with Lt. Alexander will be fruitful.

The problem is nationwide.

Almost identical story in California, even the SUV damage is the same!


Well written Jim. I don't think the police should draw conclusions and tell the press until they really know the cause. Unfortunately that is going to exceed the attention span of the press and the public. I know I dislike stories that end with the "cause is under investigation" and never any follow up. Maybe the press would rather write stories without cliff hangers?

There is too much acceptance that all these crashes are just the normal price of having cars and they are "accidents". Maybe the press doesn't care because it thinks the public doesn't care. If the public, in fact, doesn't care, why would the police?

Streetsblog makes a lot of noise about how bad the NYPD is at this. They try to follow up. Have you noticed that on Streetblog they use the phase "victim(s) of street violence" vs. "accident"? That draws a little more attention don't you think? I like how they end coverage of such stories with a suggestion to voice your concerns with links (and phone numbers) to the local government reps and police commanders. Not sure if that approach would work here. Maybe best to start with carrots.

Jim deserves credit for making the effort in our neck of the woods.

There is too much acceptance that all these crashes are just the normal price of having cars and they are "accidents".

I think this is a mis-characterization. Plenty of people are willing to blame the parents when a child is killed by a speeding car--or the child themselves.

"How could the media fail to ask the obvious followup question?"

Because the media is simply behaving here the way it does on all fronts, especially politics, namely, abdicating its journalistic responsibilities and accepting as true everything that power says is true. This has been the trend for a while now, and it doesn't seem to be getting better.

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