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I disagree with everyone who says no big deal because I think the church is being cheap and lazy. I asked a parking attendant if they would open for the church on a weekend (>1 block away) and they said sure if they could charge a small fee, but the church has never asked them. I just find the whole thing lousy on the church's part.

I pitched this on GGW, but I think any of us who are car2go members should make a personal commitment to move a car2go into one of those spaces any time we happen to be in the vicinity.

It is unfortunate that the church seems to be unable to move beyond the paradigm of every Granny parking her Buick directly in front of the church on a Sunday morning. Has Metropolitan AME ever disclosed their Sunday attendance and how many of them carpool or take public transportation? How many of them drive in from Maryland? Have they considered running a shuttle from McPherson Square in the morning to pick up folks who might take Metro? Or running a valet, like National City Christian Church, only a few blocks away? Or, encouraging biking to church by having indoor bike parking, like Luther Place Church? There are so many ways they could have been part of the solution here.

It seems any commercial place of resort could make an identical claim.

The rest of my thoughts on this subject are unsuitable for public discussion.

As it's been pointed out elsewhere - the cycletrack would be across the street. It wouldn't prevent parking in front of the church at all.

I'm sure some nice men in the congregation could volunteer to come early and park Granny's Buick. I know when I go somewhere with my grandma, my dad* parks the car and I help Grandma into the building. Seems like something an upstanding member of the church would do and I bet Granny would love the special treatment she deserves anyway.

Or my mom or aunt or whomever

Where is the all-powerful bicycle lobby now that we need it?

Good news roundup - I'm about to link to it. But since race is clearly an issue here, it might be appropriate to rethink the title of this post.

I guess I hadn't seen that - though I understand your point. But it's part of a set (admittedly only a set of 2 right now - but this is the plan) of posts all based on movie titles with "God" in them. So in that larger scope I don't think it's an issue.

But I'd be interested if others think the title is racially loaded.

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