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I had a similar reaction to the recent installation of sharrows on UMD campus, particularly one through a parking lot where the only sane place to ride, imho, is on the left side of the lane where the sharrow isn't.

It's sort of progress. I hope they can figure it out.

My uncle works for DelDOT and we talked about cyclist position, taking the lane, sharrows, etc. on a very long car-trip this weekend. He knows cyclists are allowed to take the lane, even encouraged by the Feds when it's substandard width. But in our conversation, he just couldn't bring himself to fully accept this.

I could concede there are certain conditions that sharrows would be bad (for instance, on a narrow high-speed road, on the back slope of a hill or tight curve that reduces visibility and driver reaction time). But as a non-cyclist engineer, he views taking the lane, in most circumstances, suicidal no matter what the guidance or conditions.

Taking the lane is incredibly counter-intuitive, even for professional engineers, and I couldn't convince him otherwise.

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