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This is my first time visiting this site, and I'm not sure how to start a new topic, but this is to start a new topic: the disappearance of the MBT Trail bike lanes along the west side of Union Station (1st St. NW from K to F Streets NW). A few days ago they resurfaced the road there and when they painted lane markings on the new pavement, the bike lanes were gone, replaced by car-wide lanes. Why? I bike commute there and while before the repaving it was a zoo (pedestrians going to and coming from trains, cars discharging and picking up passengers, trucks making deliveries, the bubble machine guy, etc.) with bike lanes, now it's a zoo without bike lanes. Removing bike lanes and cowing to the cars is not the right direction if we want our city to be livable for the inhabitants, and now the still incomplete MBT has lost, not gained, length. That's regression. My suggestion is to rethink that stretch of road and acknowledge its unique character. The bubble machine guy, food cart, buskers, and the thousands of pedestrians ignoring the crosswalks are the seeds of what that stretch of road wants to be: a pedestrian mall with bike lanes. Think food stalls and music instead of the current grungy bleak asphalt canyon with a too narrow sidewalk. Heck, before the bike lanes got erased the train-bound pedestrians would walk in them because the sidewalk was too narrow for the amount of pedestrian traffic.

Jim, it's because they're upgrading from bike lanes to a cycletrack.


London is considering an elevated bike highway, and Denmark already has one. They've thrown down the gauntlet--accept the challenge to lead the world in cycling DC.


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