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Only slightly related, but I've been seeing A LOT of bikes from Kimpton Hotels lately, they are rose-colored 3-speed city bikes, and I probably saw half a dozen in a brief run to the capitol this past weekend, as well as routine sightings in the monumental core bike facilities.

While I'm for a rental outfit on the mall, simply having more bikes available at more places will likely achieve the same goal. Kimpton clearly believes it is a competitive advantage to have bikes available to guests, and more hotels and workplaces should follow-suit.

To 'celebrate' the Donald, we should all wear giant ginger toupees instead of helmets.

I'm confused -- aren't there numerous Cap Bike Share stations around the mall? Do they not serve that need?

There are, but they don't. They don't have trailers for kids, or rent to people under 16. You have to worry about overage fees. And Bike and Roll specifically tailors itself to tourists. If CaBi was complete competition to B&R, B&R would probably already be out of business.

Part of this post was quoted in Express this morning!

As a family, we could not have completed the "bike the sites" itinerary without the skill of the Bike and Roll staff. Not only do they provide appropriate sized bikes for all, they also provide helmets (which the Bike Share does not). In addition, we very much appreciated and enjoyed the brief commentary that we got at each memorial as we completed through the tour.

Biking along the Mall is a fantastic idea but not without cycle specific trails. Combining the large number of peds with cyclists is annoying and often dangerous. I wish NPS would carve out bike routes along the Mall.

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