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Screw these people. Let's see who pays more in taxes, and then let's talk.

Three modes of transit were discussed. Autos, buses, and bikes. Clearly the current trend is to increase bikes but the neighbors at this meeting seemed to think that autos should rule. In fact, the ANC commissioner said that parking could not be removed. The locals would have been happy to reroute the bus to another street and put bike lanes on 13th street .... just another way of saying "Not in my neighborhood".

A win-win would be for the MPD and prosecutors to aggressively enforce the law against bad behavior on the road.

Thanks for the report. A vote of just people on 11th St might have shown that some people on 11th St favor the bike lanes. Even if it's just one or two people, it can have an impact.

cars on those couple of blocks are very aggressive... even with the sharrows.

If the city improved bike infrastructure all over (and MD and VA did the same) there would be a lot more empty parking spaces for drivers.

Really? Someone seriously thought that people who show up at one meeting and live on one block should get to "democratically" veto anything that happens outside their front door?

I was at the meeting, live on 11th street, and am happy to remove parking, add bike lanes, and/or make the street one way. Whatever makes a bad situation on a too-narrow street better.

It's just that the people who 'don't hate bicyclists, but...' and don't want parking removed are louder. Notice that law-breaking cyclists have nothing to do with the problems on the street... very few of the accidents cited in the meeting were caused by a cyclist.

How about making 11th a bike boulevard all the way to monroe? Cars have to turn off every few blocks, but buses can continue on via special pavement treatments designed for vehicles with wide footprints.

No parking lost, nice for cyclists and pedestrians, no bus reroutes. win-win-win.

People were really critical of reckless bicycles, but no one seemed to criticize reckless drivers. Seemed one sided. There are bad apples on both sides. Lose the parking, give us a safe lane like 15th street Please...

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