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It blows my mind that bike share stations aren't placed directly adjacent to metro entrances. That would be the most logical location, the most visible location, and there's almost always space there. The Bethesda metro station is a prime example. There is a big plaza at the main entrance, but the nearest bikeshare station is 2 blocks away tucked around a corner. Same story at Silver Spring and Rockville. Am I missing something?

I agree, it seems stupid. MoCo funds both Metro and Bikeshare, and should not have any serious barriers to putting CaBi next to the Metro, and integrating the process.

Then again, previous attempts to integrate transit modes include the Friendship Hts bus station (built with a roof too low for many buses), and the Silver Spring transit center.

Rockville will have two bikeshare stations directly at the Metro station (one at each side of the Rockville Metro), but they've been tied up due to delays with WMATA. I live across the street from one bikeshare station and 3/4 of a mile from the Metro, so I keep asking our bike/ped coordinator when the Metro ones will be installed!

My first guess would be that those spaces are owned by private companies, who are responsible for snow removal or the county will ticket them.

A pedestrian and cycle collision would also result in big issues for the property owner.

With more time people will be more willing to make spaces for the bike share. All will be well.

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