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Wouldn't one just bike around the sign & use it anyway?

One does indeed.


Yes - plenty of people did this morning.

Where exactly is it closed?

Bunny hop over....be awesome

What a total waste of resources? Why bother putting up a sign that people will obviously ignore. I'm guessing if someone takes down the sign there will be no one to put it back....

Scofflaw cyclists.

I have to go speed now, to compensate.

@Jack Cochrane

The CCT barricade pictured is right on the DC line. It's just as you come over the bridge by the water treatment plant heading downhill.

Cyclocross training aid.


Plenty of cyclists, joggers and walkers ignoring the "blockage" on Sunday. Unfortunately I didn't see any reflective materials so this poses a serious safety issue for a cyclist coming thru at dusk or after dark.

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