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Hmm, what do you mean by "we don't need bike bells anymore." Do you mean that now legally we don't in DC, or do you feel they are unneeded?

I haven't put a bell on my latest bike, but I've been ambivalent about it. I do a lot of trail riding in NOVA and it seems that the bell might sometimes be better than an "on your left" (though sometimes not). But when on the streets in DC, I never feel the need to use the bell.

Legally, we aren't required to have them. You probably don't need them, but I think they're useful.

I find that dinging my bell anywhere but on the trails just gets me weird looks and confused reactions. People who use trails regularly have learned the meaning of the bells, but people walking around downtown tend to have no idea why they are being dinged at.

"Ding ding ding" at a light that has just turned green will get the driver to look away from the phone long enough to push the accelerator. But they are more often helpful on trails.

Note to drivers: recognizing cyclists rights does not mean a loss of your rights, just as giving gay people the right to marry did not require you to shack up with a dude (despite the complaints the contrary)

See the video @ 1:45 mark.

As the narrator intones all the evil being brought to bear on the good motorists of the city an example is shown of a cyclist "cutting off a car which is turning".

Except the example is the L St cycle track and the motorist is making an illegal turn from a non-turn lane. Should the motorist had struck the cyclist who was operating their bike correctly damn straight some fines and points should occur!

"...cutting around drivers who have signaled they are turning."

The video they showed with this voice-over was a bike riding legally in the L Street cycetrack while a driver was turning illegally from the main roadway, not from the turn lane. Great reporting ABC7!

Bells are great. They're just not really safety devices, and fortunately Mary Cheh recognized this.

I always find it interesting that motorists expect nothing less than 100% compliance from cyclists with every law, but do not seem to hold themselves and their fellow drivers to he same standards. I know I have never seen a car blow through a red light or cut off another driver.

Has WABA asked ABC to correctly note that it was the driver that disobeyed the law?

This is not a matter of being "right" but of educating motorists who really have no idea.

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