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Delegate Comstock IS running for reelection in what is supposed to be a strongly contested race.


Delegate Barbara Comstock (R-McLean) cast the deciding vote to kill a bill requiring Drivers to exercise due care.

Can't find much of anything about us on major candidates sites (not surprising given the lackluster candidates they put forward). Ditto LG and AG.

State delegate side, I presume my delegate (Surovell) is good on bike issues, but I have no idea. Somewhere I heard he biked across the country at some point. He supports extending the Yellow Line, which is enough of a reason for a vote imo.

The only one I know has been contentious on the issue before Comstock, but last I heard she was voting with us now and not against us. So not sure there is much difference there.

Hope someone knowledgeable can opine. I am curious about the differences on the transit issues.

TMACs site mentions bikes as an aside - in a list of items about multimodalism on transport. Last I looked Cucc's site had nothing on it in his biking section. Both would give more control over transport money to localities but in different ways. TMAC seems concerned about AGW, Cucc not so much - for whatever thats worth.

Oh Comstock voted against that bill? I thought she changed her vote to for it. Shows how much I know on this subject. Not that it matters for me as I can't vote on that one.

Delegate Barbara Comstock (R-McLean) cast the deciding vote to kill a bill re: the 3 foot rule as well.

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