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"Speed was not determined to be a factor."

Hmmm, the number on a sign is a factor, but the decision of the driver to travel at a certain speed was not.

I live on a narrow one-way street in a residential area in DC. The legal speed limit is the minimum allowed in DC: 25mph.

MPD has made a policy decision to not enforce the law unless a driver is speeding by at least 10 mph. So, in other words, the narrow residential street has a de facto speed limit of 35 mph.

And, yes, if my young kid is ever hit by an SUV speeding down our street, and the impact is powerful enough to stave in the vehicle's grill, I look forward to hearing from the accident investigators how "speed was not a factor".

Was told two nights ago, angrily, by a MC policeman that I gestured at to slow down in my neighborhood that since I didn't have the training to identify his speed, that because "I work my ass off" and that he knew his rights that the state and county give him 11 over, there was no problem in Montgomery. And I should not care.

I'm still working on that one.

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