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I saw some of those bikes at GW a few weeks ago with different adds on the back. They look like such cheap bikes I figured they were actually "fake" bikes and really just adds.

IF that's the case I guess it works.... North Face Store just got its name out on one of DC's premier web sites.

I see these bikes up here in Boston around the BU campus mostly. I seriously don't know if anybody uses them or who might use them since I didn't think they did rentals... very odd

Seen on K Street last week.

I'd like to know how durable these are compared to the Cabi bikes. Cabi are clearly more durable, but they are heavy and expensive. Is the trade-off worth it?

I've seen these around,mostly in Georgetown.

What a great idea,take kids who may never have biked before in a major city,then give them coaster-braked only bikes. Can only imagine how much fun these must be in the rain on Wisc or Mass.

I tweeted angrily at North Face a few weeks ago because I saw two of these advertise-bikes locked to young trees on the 2100 block of L NW. Locking bikes to trees is wrong (and especially obnoxious when there are plenty of other places to lock them nearby). North Face didn't respond. I've since seen these bikes locked to trees somewhat regularly in the Foggy Bottom area.

I'm not really sure who is at fault. If it's just some ignorant college kid, it nonetheless reflects poorly on the company that gave them the bike.

Looks like it may be related to this site: http://www.freebikeproject.com/index.html

I found a photo of a USC bike on their twitter feed that had the same orange tires.

When I was in college there was a campaign to pay students who drove VW bugs to carry advert logos on their cars -- this is similar. And we know students -- if it makes money, they'll probably go along with it.

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