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I think the zebras will work. Cars needs a design feature that provided a visual and physical reinforcement to the "No U-Turns" message.

There are these people who wear blue and drive around in cars with flashing lights on top. I hear that they can really help with this problem.

From my understanding the "conservative spacing" of the zebras actually stems from a line painting mistake that occurred the last time the bike lanes were painted. The zebras were placed evenly between each painted area, wider than the recommendation by the zebra manufacturer and wider than the lines were supposed to have been painted in the first place.


Zebras, even properly spaced, probably won't stop 100% of u-turns, but they will make it painfully obvious that they're not something you're supposed to do. The ignorance plea will no longer fly.

I'm not sure anything short of something like these will ever physically end u-turns.

If only there were a "No U-turns" message. It'd be nice if it said that somewhere other than at the intersections. On the zebras, perhaps.

I've seen trying-to-be-law-abiding drivers avoid U-turns at intersections, noting the signs, and then make them mid-block. Yes, they should know better. But they don't.

I think the visual message of the zebras is fairly clear. Nonetheless, I personally had a close call with a driver u-turning through them. He or she didn't drive over even one of them, and the driver didn't really even slow down. I wrote DDOT about it. I agree with the guy above who says they should be closer together.

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