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A boat rental shop that doesn't provide sunscreen? That's a better fight. Totally foreseeable that patrons without sunscreen will incur potentially life-threatening skin damage. The stats are irrefutable.

A car rental company that doesnt require a safe driving class before taking the keys? Totally foreseeable that they might speed, get in accidents, kill people.

and if you sell a gun....

I think car rental companies should require tests in local navigation, defensive driving, and anger management before handing over the keys.

Sure, but driving a car is normal behavior engaged in by normal people. Renting a bikeshare bike to an adult so they can ride it around a city is like giving the keys to a rocket-powered go-kart to a 6-year-old.

Totally irresponsible, and with completely predictable consequences!

so, again the larger answer (aside from a trial in which real experts on bike safety testify, and some contigency based law firm gets burned in a loss) is to normalize biking. Do all the day to day things - ride more - tell your friends and work colleagues about biking, so they see it as something doable for them - support WABA - do the hard scrabble lobbying with your local jurisdiction for infra, and with your state for laws.

and when you get too frustrated, when the road is too hard and too long, go take a ride.

They ought to issue renters an airhorn. One pedestrian crossed the L Street cycletrack last Friday against the light, while obliviously texting the entire time.

Crickey7, sounds like a lawsuit against the cell company and the provider to me.

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