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Now, to do something about the lighting and the muggings

They added nice lights under NY Ave recently. Also, the pavement up on 8th Street NE by Monroe was recently smoothed back up. It was a proving ground for a while.

am i the only one who thinks the railing is too low in this section? its a 30 foot drop or so and my center of gravity while on the bike is close to the level or higher than the railing on the non-metro side.

unrelated, last month I approached this area going south (before reaching the metro stop), found the trail completely blocked by youths engaged in some activity on the left, others just hanging out on the right, two in the middle engaged in some argument. in total about 12 young males. had to dismount, narrow path to get past them, had to pick up my bike to avoid another bike on the ground. none of the young men there acknowledged me nor made any effort to make space for me to pass. was unnerving knowing about some of the violence in this section of the trail.

Also, the stairs that come up from the street (I believe) just behind and the right of where this photo was taken are completely blind when one is heading towards Union Station. It's very easy for someone to pop into the trail with little warning and be right in a bike's path if the bicyclist is riding towards the outside margins of the trail

@pete, I totally agree that the railing should be higher. I find it really strange that it is so low, right over Florida Ave, crosswalks, etc. I ride with passengers - a 1yo strapped in a front mounted seat and a 6 yo straddling the rear of my longtail Xtracycle (no straps), and always ride the middle of the path here, even when traveling south.
Sadly, I expect at some point some of the kids who hang out on this trail are going to make a game of throwing things off the bridge onto Florida Ave.

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