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I'm so glad I made a mental break with my self righteous cyclist days, and instead just ride as quickly and opportunistically as possible. No one is better off after engaging like this. Take picture report it, and leave.

Yup -- and his wife is on the board at CEI too. Well matched pair.

Clearly, no idea about the law re bike lanes, traffic signals, riding on the sidewalk, or taxes.

Also, what is a truck with NY license plates doing taking care of the trees in DC, as Fred's lady friend states? This sounds like a tax avoidance scheme.

I'm like Will. I just ride on (though I did once confront a guy trying to drive down the L St. cycle track when I was a pedestrian crossing-I refused to move and he had to actually drive in the street!). If people want to report these drivers, then fine. But I think the video shows how not to confront people. Better to explain that this is a bike lane, not a parking lane (in fact, parking and meters were removed not to provide free parking, but for safe cycling), and that they have created safety issue by parking there.

To be clear, he didn't confront anyone. These people confronted him.

I think people are confused, and think the smiths were parked in the lane. In fact a van used by a flower vendor was parked in the lane. The driver was not present, and the cyclist did not confront the driver. The cyclist was calling the violation in when the Smiths got in his face - out of some combination of love for the flower vendor, misuinderstanding of the cycle track, and disdain for cyclists.

That is surreal.

Seriously, that van driver needs to cut that shit out already.

I still don't understand why the flower guy has NY plates. Unless he drives down from NY, he should have local plates for whereever he lives or his place of business.

So wait,we're supposed to ride in the skinny lane with the lines,Fred? We just ride around the flex posts?

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