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No thanks. Useless as winter gloves,I signal by sticking my hand out(I don't want to look like I'm waving),and I can get the same effect from adding reflective material to any glove(batteries not needed).

problem with these gloves is that the arm signal required to do a left turn on a bike, actually looks like a right turn (see 48 seconds into the video).

Good idea, not bright enough. No need to have an actual turn arrow indicator, just a honking bright light. Put out a glove (or strap on attachment) with a bright blinkie and I'm in.

I contacted the guy who created these, and he's changing the arrow direction so that a person can make proper left and right hand signals with the left and right arms. Here's his email to me:

"Hey man, thanks for reaching out! I wanted to let you know that we are taking your suggestion and fixing the gloves with an improved design that will allow you to signal left and right without it breaking any laws. The fix is simply to rotate the arrow so that it points toward your pinky.

We are working on updating the video right now and we'll have a new version rolled out on Monday. We hope to get our amazing gloves on your hands dude!


Might be worth posting the new version of the video when he gets it up Kickstarter.

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