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I look forward to the day a police officer pulls me over and makes me demonstrate my voice is audible for a distance of at least 100 feet.

That will be done with drone-mounted camera enforcement.

Does anyone know if it is possible to file a complaint against a motorist for "Failure to yield"? Would helmet cam footage help here?

"Can you hear me?"

"No. That will be a $50 ticket."

Heh,I was an NCO. I've startled motorists with my voice. People really do need to use bells on the trails and Key Bridge,though.

I'm really bothered by the bell law. This is one more reason we need to urgently revise contributory negligence...

"You blasted through a red light and paralyzed a cyclist"

"Yes, but she didn't have a bell"

"Ok, both were at fault."

[David: oops, I misread that... I thought it said we were now required to have a bell, not that we were no longer required. My previous comment has not yet been approved... I encourage you to not approve / delete it, and this one. thanks.]

Elimination of the bell requirement was a major mistake. A bell sound can be heard reliably in crowded, busy area, a should cannot.

It's bad enough that many don't bother with lights when riding at night.

No lights at night is much worse than no bell. I don't think you can find any evidence that bells improve safety. There is really no reason to require them.

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