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Not surprising at all. BIXI has been running a huge deficit -- mostly by running an oversized operation in Montreal and hoping expansion elsewhere would pay the bills.

The example of Corvettes and Twinkles isn't very helpful. I can't buy a SAAB, or a Pontiac, or quite a few other bankrupt products.

That being said, I think the bikes aren't made by BIXI -- but by another supplier. Same with the docks.

charlie, I think you missed the point. Some bankrupt products you can buy. Others you can not. So going bankrupt tells us nothing about whether or not you can buy them.

I thought the bikes themselves were made by devinci.

You can buy a Saab, just with the GM label, as it has been for a long time.

Greenbelt, that's correct, devinci is the subcontractor that manufactures the bikes.

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