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I pre-ordered one of these for exactly this reason. Here's hoping: http://www.orbitkey.com

I just wound a layer of clear packing tape over my second key to keep the paint from wearing off. So far I haven't had any trouble sliding it into the docks.

Only on your second? I'm on my third. I keep it on my key ring, which includes lots of clanging metal. The CaBi key gets bopped around & eventually comes apart, usually when I'm trying to get to someplace important. Maybe if it were made of one piece of plastic, instead of two halves stuck together, this wouldn't happen.

I'm still on my first key,and it's in great shape. I keep it on a tether in my bag and slide it into a pocket by itself. QED

Leatherman used to make a sheath for the Micra that would work. Or you can just make your own out of a piece of leather. Google for pics to see what they look like.

I keep my CaBi key in a plastic sandwich bag. It might not look that great, but it keeps sweat, rain and keys away from the CaBi key. Plus it's inexpensive.

Perhaps we need to look at a more modern solution. How about a smart-phone app that has a unique Q-code displayed that you scan at the station? It could work just like the starbucks app.

I frequently do NOT have my keys with me. I usually have my phone.

The current system is ridiculous in that it doesn't let the monthly signers use the system for about a week until they get their key. Also, for those of you who have your key break, you then can't ride. This seems stupid as we lose riders that way. A smart phone app would solve that problem.

For persons without a smart phone, they could still issue a key or card with the Q-code on it. It would also be good if you could just use your credit card to swipe at the station. It would recognize that the card is linked to a pre-paid account and would let the bike be rented with no additional charge.

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