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You do realize that Ward 8, or "East of the River" is NOT the same as Anacostia, don't you? Anacostia, as a 19th century community, most certainly was established before the automobile. Anacostia is not short-hand for all of Ward 8, any more than Georgetown is short-hand for all of Ward 2. Your point might be valid for other parts of Ward 8 (Hillcrest, Fairfax Village) but they are not Anacostia, and you seriously undercut your credibility when you demonstrate that you don't know the difference.

Thanks, I do realize that. In fact, if you were a regular reader of this blog you'd probably know that. Usually I'm more careful.

But, I suspect YOU realize that for many people Anacostia IS shorthand for EOTR. It is not correct, but it is popular speech, just like calling the holiday that celebrates George Washington's birthday President's Day. I've seen the Washington Post and other news outlets make the same mistake.

So, in trying to write quickly, I accidentally fell back on to this lazy catch-all term. I apologize and I'll correct it.

Having said that, I do feel your comment was unnecessarily harsh. I think if you reread it, you'll agree.

The point here is to communicate, and I think that - despite this error - you knew exactly what I was saying. As to whether this error undercuts my credibility or not, I would hope the logic of what I wrote would stand on it's own and would not rely on a perfectly edited prose. But we all have to make our own calls on what is credible or not based on our own criteria.

@ This isn't that hard

Hillcrest & Fairfax Village are in Ward 7, not Ward 8. Fairfax Village has sharrows on 38th Street. Most of the other streets in Hillcrest don't need bike lanes or sharrows because the traffic volumes are low.

You're right - I apologize. I didn't mean to be harsh.
As you say, it's a common mistake, but badgering you about it isn't going to help educate others. Although it's frustrating to those of us who grew up in Ward 8, I would do well to heed my own warning about undercutting credibility. Sorry.

Please, can we get rid of Marion Barry. I've live in Anacostia for 8 years now, and the only thing I'm truly ashamed of, is Marion Barry representing "our interest."

Kudos to "This isn't that hard" - you response was civility at its best.

Finally, I won't pretend as if I know the intricacies regarding bike lanes, but I imagine there is space to add bike lanes in River East (what happned to this term?).

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