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The portrayal of the bike lobby as some outside force coming to disrupt our harmonious existence is one of the oldest tricks from the public relations playbook. It's ridiculousness can be effaced by bicycle sale statistics from industry publications. Specifically, 18 million bicycles were sold in 2012 which is about equal to the number of automobiles (not including large trucks, etc). The only thing that one can conclude from this is that bicyclists are ordinary people and not some mysterious lobby group.

OMG. This Papp person actually works for an organization whose purpose seems to be to educate folks on issues involving climate change. She works for the good guys.

So how is she so lame as to advocate against something that may help promote cycling and take cars off the road? How can her micro selfishness trump the macro for her?

I read the piece. It was pretty incomprehensible. I did like the line you quoted: "But this is what lobbyists do: Stand in the way of change that does not wholly benefit them alone."

The irony is pretty thick.

So, not only am I an environmentally friendly disposal system for peat smoke contaminated grain distillate, but a traffic calming device! Where's my tax rebate?

FWIW, here is a direct connection to all that Papp: http://alextimes.com/2014/02/the-bicycle-lobby-is-out-of-control/

i'm getting the sense she's another of the people in that area that needs a new toilet.......

In JK's link is a picture of a cyclist riding by a sign that says Bike Lanes = Congestion". That = sign needs a slash.

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