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I love Roger. He rocks.

Thanks to the Councilmembers who sent this letter, especially Roger Berliner.
But this is far from done. MoCo Parks has in the past resisted requests to plow the CCT. They hold an "all or nothing" policy where they will plow no trail unless they can plow all 200+ miles of trails in their system. Yet they will plow every parking lot. They refuse to prioritize. That makes no sense, and needs to change.

But what about the cross country skiers!? I'm sure NVRPA could give MoCo Parks and Rec a good lesson in obfuscation.

Wayne: one solution is to threaten to remove the CCT from MoCo parks and put it under the aegis of transportation.

What about those of us who enjoy cross country skiing? I don't think that's obfuscation - there are quite a few people who ski the trails when there is enough snow.

That said, I think the CCT should be cleared of snow, but I would not support clearing snow on the towpath.

I tried skiing the CCT during snowmagedon--glad I used the backcountry skis because walkers had done a great job of stepping in each ski track the entire length of the trail. It might be convenient for skiers who live just off the trail but definitely not a destination for xc'ing. If this was Minnesota they could groom the CCT for xc'ing but it ain't.

Now if only we could get the NPS to clear the Mt. Vernon Trail. I've had a lot of awfully difficult days of riding this winter due to snow melting and refreezing into bike-throwing chunks.

I also realize that this is a thing that will never happen. :-/

They could clear HALF the trail, to give enough room for bikers and joggers, and the rest for skis. It also saves money.

XC ski tracks get messed up quickly once people walk on them. After the first day of snow it becomes almost impossible to ski on the CCT. If they plow the trail after the priority park roads and parking lots, that will provide ample time to ski before the ski tracks become unusable.

Interesting they are quick to keep xc skiers happy when I still can't ride my bicycle legally in County skate parks. This isn't about providing for skiers (which I am also one of),it about coming up with an excuse not to provide for cyclists.

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