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If the DC churches can lobby for parking, FroYo lovers should be able to lobby for parking as well. Here's a petition.


Really saddened by Tommy Wells' plans to also give such weight to church parking issues. Comes across as blatant pandering for votes. I thought he was better than that

If more young people who walk and ride bikes and things voted...

Out here in the burbs, our supposedly progressive community government has become aged and reactionary too.

Of course, we hold elections on off year weekdays and have turnout less than 20 percent.

Tears from a clown

I don't see what Tommy did as pandering. That's Will Sommers' take, but I'm not sure it makes sense. Here's what Sommers said, without the editorializing

"Wells [promised] to create a cabinet-level position in his administration to cover church issues like parking."

Now, that basically is a promise to do something about it. But that's the end of it. TDM planning? Special Sunday parking? Enormous 10,000 city-fundeed parking garages for all? He didn't say. I don't know how "I'm going to put someone on this" is pandering. Would a better answer have been to say "my administration will do nothing?"

I'm not sure why Sommer thinks this is "going the farthest" except maybe because Wells is the only candidate who goes anywhere at all. The only other statement on future behavior came from Bowser who said that she would get out of the way and let people go to church. Finally, a mayor who will let people go to church!

So, I don't think it's pandering. It's bad writing by Sommer.

It's kind of offensive when any politician promises the impossible. The basic issue arises because there are too many cars to hanlde in teh immediate vicinity of these churches, and these is nothing any mayor can do that won't cause an absolute shitstorm with some other group that would get shafted as a result? There are no cheap, easy ways to guarantee unlimited free parking directly in front of every church every Sunday, and the misbegotten efforts to try have only emboldened these church groups to demand the impossible at the expense of others.

"Would a better answer have been to say "my administration will do nothing?"

No, a better answer would have been to say, "I'm not giving my time and attention to those who believe in superstition, tax-exempt bigotry & practice illegal parking that endangers cyclists."

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