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We need to keep their parking . . . because otherwise people will be carrying toilets across King Street.

Right, then.

Man, let's change the conversation from the new heroin epidemic to these peoples' addiction to free parking. It's clear they have an addiction, why hasn't anyone helped them try to kick their habit?

"...they’d have to park across the street … and carry their equipment or a toilet or something across King Street.”

Obviously King St. goes through more thrones than any other street in the area, thus the need for special parking considerations.

Srsly. We need to inconvenience cyclists on a daily basis because we simply can't inconvenience homeowners occasionally.

Anyone want to put odds on how long it will be before the residents try to use the "think of the children" argument?


It's come pretty close. The recent television news report on this quoted a woman as saying 'I wouldn't let my children ride on this road.'

At the Traffic and Parking Board meeting, a woman came to speak holding a baby and said, "If you paint these bike lanes, the blood will be on your hands."

I am going to bike this stretch as much as possible when it gets nice out regardless! It is now a famous cycling landmark from all this press; a real tourist attraction!

The kicker is that many of these people don't have King Street addresses. They have North Terrace View addresses. King street is in their back yard. If you want to geek out, look at Google Street View. See those eight foot security fences along King Street? That's the parking we're talking about.

To be fair, North Terrace View is the low side of their property, so toilet carrying would need to happen uphill, instead of in their "alley" of King Street.

To be really fair, the most vocal opponent, Mr. F.H. Buckley, does have a King Street address. But for him, the compromise saves the parking just west of his house.

So, in summation, people on North Terrace View want to save King Street parking. People on King Street already have their parking saved.

Reminds me of a Dale Gribble quote on King of the Hill:

"Listen! I've never been able to say this in my whole life, but as of 2 p.m. yesterday, I am a taxpayer. And I demand $36 worth of service. I know the chain of command, starting with your supervisor, Franklin Thomas, all the way up to the under-intendent of Transportation, Edward Dibble, whose daughters, Pat and Ellie, played ladybug soccer with the daughters of the President of the United States. And I'm not afraid to make some phone calls. I'm your worst nightmare. I have a three-line phone, and absolutely nothing at all to do with my time!"


An aside: Back in the day, Johnny Hardwick (the voice of Dale) and I used to work together. He was one of the nicest guys in a business that tends to attract jerks. He was friends with Rev. Horton Heat and when he found out I was a fan, he invited me to play golf with them. I was so pleased to see him make it in Hollywood and to make enough money that he doesn't really have to work anymore. Couldn't have happened to a nicer - or funnier - guy. There's a lot of Johnny in Dale (and Hank too).

Why can't they just park in the bike lane like everyone else?

I would vote for a compromise that allows them to park in the bike lane solely for toilet portaging.

It's kind of the current plan. They've said that short-term parking in the bike lane will be allowed.

How funny. When the New Mexico bike lane was being debated, ANC Commissioner Mike Gold said that if the lane was installed there would be "Armageddon." There have been no accidents along this stretch over the past 3 months.

The other day, I was riding down the lane and started singing "Armageddon, Armageddon," and my son from the back of the bike asked me what I was talking about. It was hard to

Holding the baby was a nice touch and if those who opposed the NM lanes were of child rearing age, they would have tried that.

Oh, a Reverend Horton Heat shout out! Love that band. Missed them the last time, partially b/c I saw them open for Motorhead a year or two ago.

Way OT, I know. Down with the people who are down on bike lanes!

Just take away their parking and install nothing. Install a bike lane 2 years later.

"...they’d have to park across the street … and carry their equipment or a toilet or something across King Street.”

well, these people are full of shit, after all.

@Fong Fong -- I use the New Mexico lanes a couple of times a week to drop off my son at child care, and I feel a lot safer having him in the iBert seat with bike lanes painted than I would have before (it's a relatively new childcare arrangement).

To be honest, it's a much nicer experience to drive NM Ave with the lanes, too.

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