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Piney Branch from Missouri to Georgia is a no-brainer. Plenty of room for that. Not a high-volume route, but should have pretty consistent useage.

DDOT fails again. They don't do what's in the plan, and even if they did, there really is not much there. And what is there is mostly low-hanging fruit.

Improvement in bike infrastructure have been glacial since the Gray administration took over.

But that seems to be okay for some Washington cyclists, who generally seem to think that a staircase amounts to bike infrastructure.

Well, that's a little harsh. DDOT is not doing as good a job as it could, with that I agree. But there is quite a lo in the bike plan. If they were do to all of that before 2016, I'd be pretty happen, and not all of it is "low-hanging fruit". Any time they take out parking, that's not low-hanging fruit.

A staircase with a bike trough is bike infrastructure. Why would you say that it is not?

Point made.

Indeed. Half of these have been in the "yearly plan" for years: West Virginia, Cathedral Ave, Piney Branch, Rock Creek Church, M Street, to name just a few. Let's be clear: the plan for this year is NOT ambitious at all, and yet I can say with confidence that most of it will probably not get built this year. Even the wording of the text makes it sound like DDOT isn't anywhere near ready with a lot of these. Here is a quick translation of actual timeframes for implementation:

"additional analysis and outreach required" = at least 2-3 years away
"In design" = next year... hopefully
"Ready to go" = good chance this will happen this year

What's the point of making a yearly plan if there is very little intention of following it?

No joey, you showed that you don't know what is and what is not a bike facility.

I said some cyclists in Washington seem to think that a staircase amounts to bike infrastructure.

I'm standing by that assertion.

Yes, and a staircase with a bike trough IS bike infrastructure. So what is your point?

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