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I'm far from a strong and fearless rider, and I ride in DC, in particular in the bike lanes. Maybe being a lefty doesn't quality you to jump from the restaurant business to political office withoout holding a lesser office first?

And I like forward to CM Organe's proposal for a cycle track in upper NW.


Also, there is a bike lane on Garfield Street NW abutting the St. Albans and Beauvoir campuses (which counts as the National Cathedral to me).

What is Orange's point? Is it that the bike lanes on M Street are racially motivated or is it that DDOT is somehow anit-Methodist or something? The reason that there are bike lanes on M Street and not Wisconsin is because of where M street is located. There are many many other churches that DDOT has painted bike lanes in front of.

The need for bike lanes is more acute in the denser business district than several miles out on Wisconsin Avenue.

It's pretty clear that Orange and many others see this as a racial issue. Most message boards about this issue are filled with comments about race. For the most part it’s just a bunch of illogical garble that’s not worth getting in to.

I’m a proponent of a streetscape that doesn’t cater solely to motor vehicles. If somebody wants to call that racist, by all means go ahead and do so, you’ll only be making yourself look like a fool.

You guys can chastize Vincent Orange, but I accept his offer. Now when will I get bike lanes on the upper section of Wisconsin? It would be glorious.

I find upper Wisconsin is very bike friendly as it is. Lower Wisconsin is a different story, though I find 35th an acceptable alternative for much of it.

I live across the street from the Cathedral,and don't see any need for a bike lane. From Tenley to Glover I try to stay off Wisc to avoid the traffic and the climbs.

What I would like to see is something done about the entrance for Whole Foods and the service entrance for Safeway on Wisc. These create far more danger for cyclists,and peds,than the road does.


Hey Orange,did you miss all the construction at the Cathedral? They built an underground parking garage. So the folks going there don't need street parking.

So what? We still need a new cabinet-level position for state subjugation to church affairs. All the candidates say so.

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