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Congrats and thanks to everyone who worked to make this happen!

A couple of mistakes in the WaPo and other reporting: the original plan called for removing 37 spaces, but kept 10, which gets you 27 spaces. You might also hear the number 13, because Mr. Baier and staff added 3 additional spaces on side streets. In the end, the peak parking count was 6 cars and there are 13 spaces for them.

Another error in the WaPo article has to do with petitions. It mentions the neighborhood petition (about 400 sigs), but not the pro-traffic calming petition, which got over 900 signatures from Alexandria and hundreds more from neighboring communities (if you live in Fairlington in Arlington and you want to come to Old Town, this is your most direct route).

But all in all, still a good article by Sullivan.

Thanks to all who helped out with this. We appreciate the time that you took to facilitate this project.

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