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In the case of Springfield, I suspect there aren't many riders because the trail that is there is in bad shape and littered with glass. I walked from the station to a car dealership along it the other week to pickup our car. At first I was a little ticked I wasn't able to ride, but then after seeing all the broken glass and shape of the path, I was happy i didn't ride.

I guess it's nice that they acknowledge the need, at least?

The last sentence is silly:

Metro is not going to reverse its ban against bringing bicycles aboard rush hour trains, but Kannan said the underused stations would benefit from bike share docks.

You want people riding to and from Metro? Let them take bikes on the trains. Seems like no-brainer, especially since BART just let bike on during rush hour.

WMATA thinks that, unlike people living in the San Francisco area, people in greater Washington are not mature enough to handle bicycle access during rush hour.

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