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I am going to hold out until they offer naked biking on Royal Street. Accomodate THAT lawbreaking, Mr. Hertel!

I take Royal all the time anyways. I don't understand why the Mt. Vernon trail runs to Pendelton if its just going to end there either way, and the two trail only street crossings are really dangerous. If they added sharrows or bike lanes to Royal, in most places it's wide enough for cars and parking to not be displaced at all, and the trail feeds right into it near Bastille. Plus all those train tracks in the extension to Pendelton are dangerous too. I would love if Royal got more infrastructure, because it's a WAY safer route for bicyclists.

So what road is Mr. Hertel looking at, where only cyclists break traffic laws? A vast majority of car drivers break multiple laws every day: speeding, running red lights, running stop signs, failure to yield to pedestrians, texting while driving, driving while drunk and so on.

The scofflaw disussion is specious. Don't waste your time. Try the approach Mia Birk wrote about in her book Joyride. Here's an excerpt: http://www.miabirk.com/blog/?p=211.

"The Myth of the Scofflaw Cyclist" is better than Joyride from that excerpt.

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