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I rode by the very same morning this shot must have been taken, and was in too much of a hurry to snap a picture myself.

The Arlington Commuter store is right inside the doors of the Crystal City shops where that crosswalk is...I imagine that's where this person was going.

From what I've seen, its usually not that hard to find a space near there in the mornings, so this is just laziness.

Nice hoop bike rack, though.

I wish I could say that the supervisor in question was parked for a quick run into the Commuter store. In fact she was just sitting in the car and was not particularly happy about being photographed.

She parks there on a regular basis. I took the shot because I got tired to swerving out into traffic and thought that maybe it was time for someone to remind County employees that they are not exempt from the parking regulations that apply to the rest of us.

Even if that was not a bike lane, isn't it illegal to park that close to the stop bar at a red light?

PdE: I agree with your sentiment, but unless there are some consequences for her being parked here, then she is exempt from the parking regulations that apply to us peons.

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