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"fivethirtyeight points out that you go to blog with the data you have"

This seems a bit too weasily. I thought 538 worshipped data and was careful in how they defined the metrics.

If your metric is "Volume to capacity" and you take away some capacity, it logically follows that there is an increase in the ratio. Well duh. I just don't think that should be called "congestion": if you made all country roads 6 lane highways, there is less congestion, but there was no congestion before. The volume to capacity is also not relevant to what people describe as congestion, which is (IMO) a slowing of flow through, which happens when the volume approaches capacity. It the road handles the same amount of cars, in the same amount of time, then there MUST be no loss of flow through rate. I'd call that a more efficient use of resources.

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