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It's mostly clear that it's an April Fools thing--except for that quote from Townsend. He could really say that.

Bike traffic sewers

Scofflaw cyclists don't even deserve shit until they start obeying the law. Then they deserve shit.

"This is war on sewage" declares John Rearend, representive of the American Alimentary Association. "These tunnels were build for sewage, and now our critical infrastructure is being co-opted for the minority who want to ride bikes."

Funny from Townsend. But DDOT under Bellamy's watch hasn't been able to turn any plans into real shit, ever. So I laughed, then cried.

#Teamfenders all the way.

Good joke , especially on some serious anti-bike types .

Typical DC crap. Hipster millennials gentrifying the sewers with their bike paths and pushing out the local CHUDS to the burbs.

I'm still waiting for the Bike Haus, as announced here on April 1, 2010.


That is one of the best April Fools stories I read! You should remove the disclaimer at the top.

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