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They currently discourage cyclists from going through the parking lot with portable metal fencing. The problem is, using the trail is clunky, with a hard right turn before crossing the lot at a speed bump and then a hard left turn, so I am many others usually just go around the fencing and go through the lot anyway. Unless I have my mountain bike, when I just hop the curb. Courteously and with respect for pedestrians, of course.

Alternative 2 would help with the angle of the crossing. Separating pedestrians and cyclists is a good thought, but I would be willing to bet, judging from what I've seen elsewhere, that it won't really work.

I'm not sure if I understand the first alternative correctly, but if it's what I think then it makes the most sense. What I would do if some idiot ever entrusted me with design is simply run the path along the river the entire way and move the parking lot back to cover the old portion of the path adjacent to the GWMP. Will it be crowded? Of course, but at least this stops the stupid cross over needs and random hard rights/lefts. And then if they're worried about people, significantly widen in this stretch and definitively widen it right by the little bridge to TR Island there. Problem solved.

That was one of the discarded alternatives.

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