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Like! It would be great if there were a way to engineer if further to meet up with the ART, but I suppose there's no way to get across the river?

There'll be a bridge at the Arboretum someday, but not one at New York Avenue anytime soon (though I'd think that suspending a bike bridge below it, as Austin, TX did with one of their bridges, would be simple (and expensive).

Great idea! I had no idea this tunnel/underpass existed.

Oh man, this would come so close to the MET Branch trail. Connect those and you've got a pretty decent network of paths.

Can we also get some more active uses (cafes, bars, and shops) FACING the trails. This would do wonders to improve safety in these somewhat isolated areas.

@TransitSnob, the proposed trail is on the opposite side of the Amtrak/CSX corridor from the Met Branch. How would you propose connecting them?

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