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Years ago the answer to preventing rapes was for women to wear modest dress and restrict their movements to daylight hours.

Has lack of helmet usage become a blame the victim strategy to avoid doing the real, and more expensive, work of making our streets safer?

We rented bikes in San Francisco last week to bike across to the Marin Headlands, and the rental place (not the citywide bikeshare) did offer helmets. The girl took one, and I did not. They were a bit manky looking, but I didn't mind them offering them as long as it wasn't mandated. Harder to do without real people, but not impossible. I don't think it's necessary, but if it would make some people more comfortable, they could try it on a trial basis at a couple of stations.

This article is pretty good at debunking pro-helmet stats, as well as asking why, if helmets are so effective, drivers and pedestrians aren't wearing them.

Let's give that URL another shot:

I've been trying to figure out how they'd do helmets as a trial at a couple of stations since you can return the bikes at any stations and you'd need helmet returns. I am stumped so retract the stupid idea.

Love the helmet examples in the first article. I have a Bern;it only gets used when the temps dip below 30. Wearing one of those downtown in July is asking for heat stress. And that folding helmet isn't even approved for sale yet. Uftda.

As for the second article,does anyone know if the CaBi rider has head injuries? I tried a quick Google but couldn't find anything. A helmet really isn't going to do much if a car hits your body.

Yeah, I wondered the same thing. Does he even have a head injury?

jesus, i hate helmet threads. i mostly ride with one. it seems every time i rubber up without one on, my poor noggin gets pretty cut up. that, alone, for me, is reason enough to wear one.

they(helmets) don't seem to prevent concussions(at least, the time i was hit by a car and wearing one, the ensuing nausea told me i had a pretty good concussion(or the nausea was the result of a massive dose of painkiller in the back of the ambulance.....).

some argue that the use of helmets may encourage more dangerous riding in places where you shouldn't be riding aggressively(i don't mean angrily...). though, i feel as if i've been more careless in my riding when not wearing one. i find, personally, that i fall into the more natural gogogogogo style i have most of the time when i ride. when i'm riding with a helmet it's usually in an environment in which i can ride faster(i don't race, but do like speed) and don't have to be as cognizant of passersby or other vehicles.

if i'm in an urban area, which is more the case lately, i tend to go back and forth with my helmet use. if i'm just going a few blocks, i may not use it. but, many accidents happen close to home. being aware of that may lend to a heightened sense of caution, personally speaking. for many, it may make them too comfortable and lackadaisical.

IDK, wear one if you want, or, don't if you don't want. it's a mixed bag for myself, obviously.

man, think of the infrastructure improvements you could get with the $850,000, if it hadn't been wasted on a helmet vending machine. And *thost* could actually improve cyclist safety.

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