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I am terrified at the prospect of crooked/biased cops not believing my side of the story when it is the truth. I've got a camera, but what if the driver/cop takes it away and makes it disappear? What can you do in situations where the cops get it wrong and there is no evidence to support you?

Just to clarify, that situation I mentioned above will likely never happen to me. The possibility that it could happen though, however unlikely... scary

A lot of the cops in the area seem to be fair toward cyclists, but there are certainly those that are not or that blame the victim. Last summer, just up from this intersection at N Oak Street I cycled past a mountain bike lying in the intersection, but no rider--the ambulance had gone, but the cop muttered to me as I rode past that cyclists see cars but run into them anyway. This is a blind-ish intersection and motorists are not supposed to turn right on red but do. No telling who was at fault, but I doubt seriously the cyclist saw the car but "ran into it anyway." It's simply a bias against the cyclist, as with this woman who was hit yet ticketed at the hospital.

Oh yes, we see cars and run into them anyway, like pilots see the ground but run into it anyway.

It's a real mixed bag based on who shows up. I've encountered more bad apples than good, but if you challenge them up their chain of command then they will usually back down.

This intersection is just so wretched. It kills me every time I come to MVT junction off of Key because even without the vehicular insanity, you have a mix of runners, cyclists, people walking home and cycle commuters like me all trying to squeeze into a 28" space right past the light pole to go onto the MVT. It's like they want people to collide on the streets and sidewalk there (which is why I understand the one guy who rides across rather than taking the sidewalk).

As always, thanks for updating and keeping on top of things! Now that we know she had lights, that's one more fact we know the officer got wrong.

Like everyone else, I also have issues at this intersection. I wait, light changes and I start inching my way out, often having to stop with front wheel in the crosswalk while a driver or two cut in front of me. There's really nothing we can do until the drivers are actually ticketed for not yielding.

The other major issue is how a driver as well as the officer were discriminating with hate speech. Currently it seems to be ok to discriminate against cyclists and it is even supported by some officers, who are suppose to be protecting all citizens, not just the ones who's political views the officer agrees with.

The officer in this case needs to go through training on how to deal with an incident in an objective, complete and professional manor.

Joe, if the other accounts are true, the officer failed to make proper investigation and wrote an incorrect report. Some mild discipline is what is required, not more "training."

Not blaming the cyclist, but isn't this why you are not supposed to bike in cross walks or on sidewalks? Cars turning right are looking for pedestrians in cross walks, not expecting something to shoot out at the speed of a bike.

Well, it's not a sidewalk. It's a bike trail, and the crosswalk is part of that trail. So whatever rule that might exist for not riding on sidewalks and crosswalks is irrelevant in this case.

Drivers (not cars) should be looking for people in the crosswalk at all times. Regardless of whether they "expect" them or not.

So, in short, no. This is not why you aren't supposed to bike in this place. And I don't think there is anything wrong with riding on sidewalks or crosswalks per se nor are you "not supposed to" do that.

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