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God I hate redneck psychopaths.

Maybe I missed something, but what is the crime here? I have been cycling for 40 years, so I get it. But, again, what law was broken here (other than speeding)? Are we as cyclists advocating for sanctions against people who simply do not want us on the road and are bold enough to voice that opinion and stupid enough to put it on the Internet? Who among us has not uttered similar comments about cars, and perhaps moved a little further out into the lane then necessary just to 'make a point?'

Guy is a a'hole for sure, but that is not against the law.

He was charged with reckless endangerment. He admitted/bragged about cutting to close to the cyclists in the last video. This was after stated that he would "hurt one of them (a cyclist) one of these days".

Stupidity and braggadocio seem to go hand in hand but as has been noted before they are not criminal offenses in and of themselves. They may often be the precursors to crime but we as a society don't go there... do we?

I don't think he was arrested for stupidity or braggadocio. I wouldn't support that. I think he's being arrested for his behavior behind the wheel, which the last segment of the video shows to be less than textbook. Is it illegal, or is there enough evidence to prove it, or are there other videos that led to the arrest? I don't know. But if this is a case of the police over-reacting to bad driver behavior, it would be the first one on record.

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