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I love how buses swerving to avoid each other is seen as acceptable behavior that can never change. It's more of the "drivers break the law there all the time so it's dangerous for bikes and pedestrians" argument that's both absurd and offensive.

Poor Buckley, another victim of that damn "Cyclist Tyranny" I've read so much about today because I've been stupid enough to read the comments sections. Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up sniffing glue.

Buckley conveniently ignores the testimony from DASH Bus at the Traffic and Parking Board meeting saying that they agreed with the city's plan to put lanes there and that they cope with narrow roads in the city quite adequately.

i really like how they're already putting their trash cans in the bike lane. because, you know, safety.

Mr. Baier, Director of Alexandria TE&S, told residents at the City Council hearing that they should continue to put their trash cans in the road, even if it blocks or obstructs the bike lane.
This was an issue raised by residents, they didn't know what they were supposed to do and didn't want to block the bike lane.
They were instructed to block the lane by city staff, so that the trucks could get to the cans.
Mr. Baier said this was unavoidable and a primary function of city services.

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