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This is generally good news - thanks for all of the updates. Next thing I would press them on is being proactive in designing the next stages of the Anacostia River Trail; portions of this would cross NPS land including potentially Langston Golf Course.

The trails in RCP are truly atrocious, downright treacherous.

In addition to the above comment, I think would be truly amazing (although this is less NPS and much more DDOT/DOD) would be to expand South Capitol St to include a trail down to Overlea to Shepherd whatever it's called to the Oxon Hill Trail and actually connect it over to National Harbor. You essentially then can create bicycle lane/path/etc linkage from National Harbor all the way up to Key Bridge and make a good loop option.

I should add doing this will enrage Courtland Malloy as some sort of evil racist plot, I'm sure.

Nice to see some progress though on some helpful items. Moving that stupid pole at 14th St Bridge alone is great news. Maybe if NPS would think about modifying the MVT ending at the intersection of doom in coordination with VDOT and ArlCo then we would be nearing nirvana.

NPS does have control over the Oxon Hill trail; however I think this town hall meeting might only address NPS property in DC since it is hosted by Norton. I don't think NPS has any authority on the "intersection of doom".

@T - It's actually possible to do a loop that way right now by riding through Oxon Hill Farm. You have to go up a NASTY hill, but then you cross over the beltway and have a long decline into NH and can hook up with the WW Bridge trail. I like to go that way sometimes, although if you don't have access to Bolling you either have to deal with speeding traffic on S Capitol/Overlook Ave, or hike up onto MLK. A trail would be much much much preferred, but I've been hearing plans about it for 5 years and there hasn't been much movement on it unfortunately.

You can see the route I'm referring to on Strava heatmaps: http://labs.strava.com/heatmap/#14/-77.02579/38.80959/blue/bike

This is very exciting---all these projects we have been waiting for so long are making progress!

Thank you for the update.

This blog rawks. Thanks for the updates.

THE POLE. That can't happen soon enough.

@Purple Eagle: per earlier story, the park police do issue tickets to cyclists who are struck there...

Unfortunately, I don't have any access to Bolling AFB. But I appreciate the link and may try MLK route one of these days. I won't keep my fingers crossed on a trail there anytime soon though.

I think NPS has some authority, but perhaps not directly at the intersection except for how the path coincides. Who owns that little stretch of land adjacent to MVT there? I thought NPS, but I have no idea. They definitely have authority on crosswalks over the exit ramps up and down to GWMP. But the intersection itself is probably more a VDOT responsibility. However, they're not going to want to change things without other stakeholders agreeing. Such a mess

T, a private developer owns the land you're talking about. But Arlington wants to buy it for parkland/boathouse/better trail. There was just a story about it last week, and I linked it it here on the blog.

@Mike, thanks, I was not aware of the park police involvement. Maybe that intersection is considered the start/end of the MVT?

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