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Camera's are the only recourse cyclists have.

This happened in the sharrows?!?!?! This is completely pathetic, if your willing go to court and fight it.

"Following vehicle too closely" -- are you shitting me?

I asked officer if this was the best he could do, had he done all necessary interviewing/reporting on this? He said yes. I stayed calm but of course was incredulous.

No one at DDOT or MPD has ever been able to answer whether sharrows provide any legal protection to cyclists. They seem to basically be the same as share-the-road signs, and nothing more than a feel-good attempt to create bike infrastructure that doesn't involve "taking car lanes". Really wish DDOT would grow a pair.

So we've had hospital tickets for both R street (following too closely, seriously?) and Intersection of Doom this week.

That's just pure harassment, and I hope somebody figures out how to sue somebody to stop this.

Friend of mine had a taxi do this to him. He just got a little banged up,but bike was totaled(headtube broke). He called the cops,and they threatened to issue him a citation for following too closely. Only thing he could do was slink off.

This is total BS. WABA needs to get on Chief Lanier about this.

Call Bruce Deming - the bike lawyer.

This is why we all have to be "witnesses" for each other. No use staying loyal to a broken paradigm.

When you are in the hospital federal law says you have a right to privacy. So the smartest thing to do might just be to tell the cops you don't want to talk with them. The right to privacy isn't absolute, the hospital is required to cooperate with a warrant or subpoena or if there is evidence of criminal wrongdoing. But in a simple traffic accident that wouldn't be the case.

It's getting to the point where everyone just needs to wear a camera.

Deming didn't fight for me and I was hit two blocks from his office. I found out, the hard way, NEVER GIVE ANY STATEMENT AT ALL TO THE RESPONDING OFFICER. it is a better idea, actually, to contact a lawyer before you do anything else. Especially in arlington. Get witness info, pictures, but do not.communicate with the police until you are ready. Va is a contributory negligence state and you'll get screwed by the cops faster than you realize, on more than one level.

Regarding what jaime said, my dad was a police officer, and he constantly told me to never volunteer information to an officer at the scene of an accident. Identify yourself, be polite, comply with any reasonable directive given regarding your safety, do not discus the accident itself. The police are not your friends, even if they are friendly.

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