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I generally agree with their plans although I think it's kind of funny that it's the Rt 1 bike way in FFX County or Alexandria City that spends nearly 0 time on Rt 1 (Union, MVT, Mulligan-to-Telegraph).

As for the move around the base, unless you go through the base (almost always permitted save POTUS' golf days), it makes sense. That's really not a fun stretch of Rt 1 on bike. One harrowing adventure was enough for me there because I decided luck helped me avoid getting hit more than the blinkies, neon green, etc etc. Plus the base is very pleasant.

when you sit down and look through the options it really highlights what a lousy job VDOT has done in developing shared infrastructure in NoVA. Especially the PWC segments.

@T, FWIW, the US Bike Route system is only superficially similar to the US Highway system. I don't think they are meant to be tied together.

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