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Does the US Bicycle Route systems imply (and/or mandate) standards, the way the US Highway and interstate systems do?

(and it was hard to tell from the linked material; I presume the USBR 50 designation ends around the Key Bridge and not at mile marker zero on the Rock Creek parkway?)

Kolohe: no real standards

Looks like USBR 76 is roughly the same route as the TransAmerica trail through VA, http://www.adventurecycling.org/routes-and-maps/adventure-cycling-route-network/transamerica-trail/. I really like the concept, although at times it seems like it's just slapping a name on something and calling it a bike route, then you get there and wonder WTF people were thinking. Best that can be done at the moment, I guess, and if they're rerouting 1, maybe they're working on it.

I'm going to order the free state biking map. Usually get that information online, but they should know there's interest.

It's AASHTO, btw, with two As: American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

I think th USBR designation can be useful to advocates, especially when a facility that is part of the route is rebuilt. Advocates can say "This state road is also USBR 123 and so we should take the opportunity to upgrade the biking." At the margins, this probably makes a difference. I believe it has in NoVa.

washcycle: note that route 1 is a USBR between lorton & alexandria, and the only difference that has made is that VDOT is looking to move the USBR designation because the reality is too ridiculous. I think the designation has essentially no value in advocacy, and VDOT or other DOTs will only make bike improvements if they were likely to do so anyway. The value the USBR system could potentially have is to make it easier for travellers to find safe routes (but that means designating the USBRs based on existing conditions, not aspirations).

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