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This is excellent way to express the need for better bike infrastructure in my opinion.

Wish we were hearing stuff like this from our Governor candidates.

PS. Duncan's pedestrian plan is just lame -- education is mostly a dodge. Bulb-outs that shorten crossings, squaring off and slowing down right-turn slip lane ramps, shorter light cycles and less wait times at the beg buttons, some damn trees for shade: those are the things that make walking viable and safe, not stupid education campaigns.

What he is saying sounds good, but will it happen? He didn't fund the Matthew Henson Trail and Viers Mill Bridge. The ICC trail was also cut in half during his watch. Maybe he now supports bicycle amenities?

Leggett had a lot of bicycle amenities in the CIP but not the North Branch Trail. Park staff pushed fro the trail and it's now funded. Leggett responded to an email I send requesting a meeting with him concerning the North Branch Trail. In the end he supports the trail and Parks method of finding funds for the trail.

I was pleasantly surprised that Leggett didn't ignore the concern of not funding the trail and actually took time to meet with me.

Andrews is a good guy but has remained neutral on many cycling issues, especially trails. He also is fiscally conservative which equals less money for amenities such as trails. He also tends to be supported by the environmental "nobody but me in the woods" groups.

Who would be better for cycling amenities, Leggett or Duncan? I don't know, but Leggett has been more response to concerns and done more while he has been in office.

What do you all think about which candidate would best help improve cycling amenities?

I won't comment on the race since it isn't my district - but "ingratiate" bothered me too. Integrate sounds like the right word in the context. But one can hope that the overall effects of increased cycling modeshare would ingratiate cyclists with the driving community...

I would say cycling is at best an afterthought for both. Silver Spring's revitalization owes a lot to Duncan, but Leggett's been a very steady hand as the County starts to turn Rockville Pike into something far better than the cycling desert it is now. Hard to pick a favorite.

Yeah, that's the incorrect word. He probably meant "integrate." Maybe it was spell-check's fault. Or at least someone might blame it on spell-check.

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