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The difference between Uber and bikeshare is that with bikeshare, the customer is given sole care, custody and control of $1000+ of property. I think CaBi's current system of using the Bank-On-DC to get users without credit cards access to the system is actually a great one, in that it helps those without cards/the unbanked get some financial literacy and access in addition to just getting a bikeshare membership.

There's a Barclay's scheme in place in London which i think is interesting, you can "subscribe" to have access to bikes with the costs tariffed (as you would expect).

Personally, signing up to recurring payments from the off is a big no-no as in most cases I'm not sure if I would use the service/software/etc. Secondly using a credit card via a smartphone for a one off up front payment is quite clumsy.

I think going forward subscriptions will continue, but the "try before you buy" phase would need to be much slicker. Integration with something like Paypal would be the answer, but narrows the market from CC owners down to Paypal users.

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